This original multi-boot clip designed by Phineas, has two elongated rubber TPE pads which offer high performance grip. This allows for heavier products. Making the clip ideal for fashion and Wellington boots. It will grip a wide range of styles, materials and finishes.

Product code: PP157

Overall size: 11.5cm tall x 4.5cm wide
Weight: 20.9g
Label area: 40x30mm
Manufactured: China
Material: Polystyrene

Carton: 200 pieces

Suitable for:

Baby Child Women Men

Hanger type:



Recyclable Re-usable

Grip area is formed with enough space for boot styles with a thick rim. The clip has a metal spring clip which give plenty of force for heavy boots, whilst the TPE rubberised pad protects footwear material.

Wide jaws spread the gripping power and prevent denting the boots. The architecture of the boot clip has three deep ribs which transfer the power of the spring and keep product in place on the rail.

Easy to use hook and spring grip make using this boot clip very easy. The boot clip is robust with soft edges which protect both the footwear and the user.